Sunday, July 1, 2018

Starting to Come Together

Unfortunately we have got a bit behind schedule with us caring for my hubby's mum for 3 weeks, John was in hospital for 4 days, family visitors but we loved seeing them and now John has been laid up with the flu. Hopefully we will soldier on and hoping to leave at the end of July now.

We thought as we get prepared we would share the inside of our Mothorhome as each section is completed. Today we have made the bed and all is completed in the bedroom and the bathroom. It's looking very nice and warm and we get a lovely warmth through the window.



Shower and Toilet

We are on the home run now , just the kitchen and lounge cupboards to be finished off, toilet to be connected and just a side window to be finished. Hopefully this will be done in the next couple of weeks depending on John's health.

Happy Travels Everyone!!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Bobby Our Burmese

I thought I'd introduce you to our Burmese "Bobby", he loves travelling with us in our Motorhome. He is so funny as soon as John is working on our Motorhome and since I have started packing he can be found in our Motorhome resting on the bed, lounge or even in the driver's seat. No chance you are leaving me behind and we wouldn't have it any other way.

I will be showcasing on our travels all those Pet Friendly places we visit to help other travellers know where the good ones are.

Bobby Our Burmese

I'm ready to go!!!!

Happy Travelling Everyone

Monday, June 25, 2018

Introducing John and Ange

Good Morning Everyone, I thought I'd introduce my hubby John and myself Ange for those that don't know either of us. I have my crafting friends following us and John has his friends and family following us as well. This picture was taken last December when we had lunch at his Mum's on Christmas Day.

John has been very busy over the last year tranforming the inside of our Motorhome ready for our travels over the next few years. He took off the big double doors of the coach and made a frame so we could install a lovely caravan door, this was such a epic task. Then he had to re line all the door and wall panelling inside the motorhome. I am so blessed that he is so gifted in what he can create.

We can't wait to get going, we are getting so excited to begin our venture.

John and Ange

Happy Travels Everyone

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Work In Progress

This blog is a work in progress, as we have a Motorhome and like to get away from time to time. I decided to start compiling a Travelling Blog to the places we visit in the future. We are looking at setting off in late July 2018!

I have been doing some form of Paper Crafting for over 30 years and I can continue to do this on our travels. I buy all my supplies through a lovely lady who is a Stampin' Up!® Demonstrator and it doesn't matter where I am in Australia I can put my order through her store HERE!!!! and it gets delivered to me straight from Stampin' Up!®. If you ladies or gents have any questions leave a comment below.

You can always visit MY STAMPIN' UP!® BLOG HERE! or visit my UTUBE CHANNEL to try one of the many tutorials.

All work on our motorhome has been done by my wonderful hubby John.

New windows installed, whole new door frame installed with a lovely new caravan door. Outside is ready to rock and roll, now to finish inside.

Happy Travels Everyone!!